Tungsten (Wolfram) Vial Shield

The Tungsten (Wolfram) Vial Shield is suitable for storage and use of vials containing radiopharmaceuticals. The shield is made of tungsten with a thickness of 6 mm in every direction (Eq to 10 mm Lead at 150 KeV). The shield is equipped with a threaded cap for the introduction of the vial, and with a magnetic cap for the access to the vial “cap”. The tungsten hardness makes it almost indesctructible and easily decontaminable. Technical features: External dimensions: Dia = 39 mm H = 70 mm Internal dimensions: Diaint = 26 mm Hint = 56,5 mm Shielding: 6 mm tungsten ( Eq to 10 mm lead) Weight: 0.75 Kg

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